Oil & Gas Accounting Software Done Right.

The easiest platform to run joint interest billings and distributions on for independent operators and accountants on our powerful G/L, or connect to QuickBooks.


More than 1,000 companies rely on SherWare's Oil & Gas Accounting Software

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Get distributions out faster

“I would definitely recommend the program. It would probably take 8 people to do what I do now with SherWare compared to the way our company did prorations and disbursements before.”

Sandy Kilmartin, Stedman Energy, Inc.

Stop manually entering data 

“I figured if it reduced my bookkeeping time, it would save our company money in the long run. We operate about 50 oil wells. I believe that it has paid for itself in the first year. Importing has drastically reduced repetitive key strokes and increased accuracy each month for both the revenue and expenses.”

Ray Smith, Skyhawk Energy, LLC

Get robust & accurate financials

“Our company is able to produce monthly reports on a very timely basis, and it provides quarterly & annual reports in no time at all! How do you put a price tag on the amount of time it has saved us over the past 25 years?”

Cindy Thomas, Duck Creek Energy

Use QuickBooks, or not 

Whether you want our powerful built in accounting system that also tracks all of your JIBs and distribution data, or you already use QuickBooks for your back office and want to be able to run your oil and gas business in it without creating your own complicated spreadsheets, we do it all. 

Don’t want to use QuickBooks? We do that too.

The three largest benefits from using SherWare are it’s cost effective, the ease of use, and, and from our standpoint, familiarity. There’s folks that have worked with us before who have used SherWare and so many folks that are also in the industry who have it. It does a really good job of handling the oil and gas side of the accounting software package.

I remember running those production runs, they would take weeks over a week to do it because it was the old batch processing. It was a little nightmarish. My production cycling now is two hours. So you cut it down from a week to two hours. Just the human capital alone and savings, paid for itself 100 times over. Put your package up against any of them out there. You’ve become a stakeholder in our business and have helped us be more efficient.

When I first developed AIM Energy, we were going to be a smaller company with about 100 wells. I was going to do all the administrative work, the production, the accounting, general ledger, working with investors, all the compliance and tax reporting. I thought it would take most of my time to do that. Since I am semi retired and wanted to spend time with my family and grandchildren, I’m very happy to report that it it’s not taking all my time. I can manage those wells input production do all the administrative work in about 40 hours a month.

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