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"Pivoten understands how small independents run their operations. With Pivoten's tank automation, we are able to visualize  production efficiently and pinpoint problems for our field teams."  ... Limecreek Energy

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Built by Operators, For Operators

Pivoten is an Oil & Gas Business Operations Platform for small independent producers. Our vision is to integrate the separate and disparate applications operators use to run their businesses into a single, unified cloud platform. By connecting the entire organization, your team can operate more efficiently and effectively. Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we connect your entire team, including finance, field operations, supervision, and management. We would love to share our story and vision.

Digital Transformation

Technology should not complex and out of reach for small operators. With the power of the cloud, Pivoten provides operators with an integrated, cost-effective solution to monitor production and pinpoint production related problems quicker and more efficiently.

Access Anywhere

Access to your data should not be limited to your office. With the power of the Internet and mobile devices, you and your team can access the data you need, when you need, anywhere, anytime.

Connect People

Everyone is your organization needs access to information. With legacy software, sharing and accessing information was not possible. By connecting your employees, teams can operator more effectively, minimizing errors with data entry and communication.

“Pivoten is uniquely positioned to address the small, independent producers who produce a large percentage of our domestic oil production. By integrating TankScan’s industry leading technology, operators can now capture, view, and report on stock tank data and fluid levels from a single user interface. This allows both operational and financial teams to manage their personnel and resources more efficiently. Alerts, automation, and workflows can intelligently dispatch service personnel and resources to specific problem areas on a lease, wellsite, or tank battery. This level of integration and visibility quickly increases the profitability of stripper wells, common in this segment of the industry.”

Craig Truempi

IIoT Business Leader, ATEK Access Technologies

"As a small operator, I manage our production with just a few people. With Pivoten, I can create tasks and manage my team from my phone. This had allowed them to work their tasks independently while keeping me up-to-date on what they are working on. I also have a history of the work orders and repairs on each lease automatically."

Cory Cantrell

Owner & Field Supervisor, Limecreek Energy


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